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Early years classes

At the Swallowtail Federation of church schools we are proud to be able to offer an early years class at each of our schools. These classes cater for pre-school children aged from 3 years old alongside reception children. 

The sessions we offer at Catfield Primary school are:

Monday through to Friday

Morning session 9.00am-12.00pm or afternoon session 12.00pm-3.00pm. You can also combine two sessions and have a full day 9.00-3.00pm.

The sessions we offer at Hickling Infant and Sutton Infant schools are:

Monday through to Friday

Morning session 8.45am-11.45am or afternoon session 11.45pm-2.45pm. You can also combine two sessions and have a full day 8.45-2.45pm.

The cost of each 3-hour session across all sites is £10.50. We currently run a waiting list system, families will be contacted the half-term before their child is due to start us with the availability we can offer.  If you are interested in applying for a place please contact the relevant office below

Catfield Primary school 

Hickling Infant school 

Sutton Infant school

The early years model at Catfield makes the pre-school children feel involved with the whole school from an early age. Not only do they benefit from the presence of a qualified teacher, but they also learn routines and expectations of the school from the beginning of their education adventure. Not only does this aid their development, but it also makes the transition into full time school much smoother for the children with no anxiety about “starting big school.” My daughter is so confident about school and proud to be a student at Catfield. Alongside this, having a mixed class helps the older children to learn to nurture their younger contemporaries and enhances their empathic understanding.

(Parent of 3 year old child at Catfield Primary)