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Swallowtail Federation  - PE Action plan - 16-17



By whom


Success criteria



To provide at least one specialist coaching session per week in all settings

Premier Sports - Catfield, Hickling

Dave Upton – Catfield, Sutton


Increase skill set and confidence of staff to deliver high quality sports provision.

Catfield – approx £10000 – using carry over from 15-16

Sutton – approx £3000

Hickling – approx £4500


Better quality teaching and higher levels of children attainment.

To run a wider range of sporting extra-curricular activities including

Football, Gymnastics and Multiskills in all settings

Premier Sports  - Hickling

Dave Upton – Catfield, Sutton


Varied extra-curricular sports program in place - year


Children take up opportunity to experience new sport and continue in own leisure time.

Additional hours of high quality PE offered to all children.


To provide supply for PE Federation PE co-ordinator to deliver Balanceability training to Reception/KS1 in all settings


Summer 2017

Children will have increased balance and road safety awareness for cycling.


Children’s balance will be improved and will impact on their achievement in all areas of Physical Education.

Alternative Sports Day arranged for Federation

Summer 2017 at Hickling Barn and Recreation Ground

Canaries Community Sports Foundation (multiskills/athletics, cricket/rounders)

Golf coach,




Summer Term 2017

Children offered opportunity to sample different sports throughout the day.

£225 for each setting

1 and half days for DM time to organise then




Opportunity for children and staff to experience range of different sports.


Additional events when possible

Feb 17 – to date – Catfield KS2 Premier Sports cross country comp – Gorleston, Hickling/Sutton Y1 boys – football festival – Norwich City










































E and Sport Action Plan for 2016-17 J Nutbeam

Currently approx

Catfield - £10000               Hickling - £5000                 Sutton - £4000





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